Sam believes strongly that everything is energy, so pure, authentic energy is what she puts into her work. Intention, mindfulness and the human experience is what she explores in every piece - mining the wisdom and life lessons that have been bestowed upon her by so many treasured teachers.

She is a native of metro Detroit, living in Sarasota. 

Painting is Sam’s form of meditation, diving deeply into herself to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences. To start, Sam often intuitively picks colors as well as the style in which her piece will embody. Still very much exploratory, Sam works mostly with acrylic paint, but occasionally will work with other mediums like recycled denim and paper. 

In addition to being a creative consultant by day, Sam spent over 6 months apprenticing with local Sarasota artist Grace Howl at her gallery and studio in the heart of the Rosemary District. Grace has described Sam as “ emerging artist with natural-raw talent; her paintings feature emotional expressive markings with paint and color.”