Whether you are reading this because you know me personally or simply stumbled upon my art on the never ending internets, I am so grateful you are here with me. And if by some chance you are viewing my work for the very first time, welcome, my name is Sam and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking interest in my paintings. I try to be very open and honest about they fact that I truly only began painting a little over a year ago and have no traditional training or art education. My art journey is one of mindful expression, colorful intention and ultimately a path to self-discovery and better understanding of the human experience. I paint what I feel, without judgement, pressure, fear or rules and it is the best god damn therapy I have ever had.

When I began painting, I seriously had no intentions to sell my work or to become a working artist. I began painting for me. I needed an outlet unlike anything I had had before. I needed a way to express myself. To find myself. To finally let everything pour out of me, every tear, every disappointment, every heartbreak, every mistake, every lesson, every joy, every triumph, every pure happy moment and all the love I had ever felt. I was so unbelievably fortunate to meet another artist, who took me under her wing and taught me pretty much everything she knew, as well as allowed me to come and play in her studio when ever I wanted. During those 6 months, I was reborn and because of Grace I am here today.

But of course, there are so many others. Teachers, mentors, soul sisters, friends and my family, I am surrounded by people who inspire me, teach me and make my light shine brighter. I will always be eternally grateful for those whom I have crossed paths with because no matter who you are, you are what and why I paint. This life is so precious and as many of us know, it can be over in just a moment. Take time to express yourself. Take time to let everything pour out. Take time to find yourself, to love yourself. And take time to love those around you. That’s what I believe success is. What happiness is. At this point, I have no desire to become a recognized artist by any means, I will continue to first and foremost paint for myself, but it is my sincerest hope to inspire others and to maybe someday soon, begin to help breakdown the barriers surrounding self-expression and child-like creativity in adulthood - I’ll touch base more on this later.

But seriously thank you again, for being here, for your support and your love.