Sam completed her undergraduate studies in journalism with a concentration in advertising and multimedia design from Central Michigan University. She pursued an education in journalism at first, as she had always wanted to be a writer. For much of her adolescence, Sam dreamt of being a writer for the New Yorker or Vanity Fair, but once in college quickly realized she was drawn to more of the creative, design aspects of media. Throughout college, she took many foundational art classes and developed a greater passion for art and design. 

After college, Sam moved to Sarasota and built a career following her passions throughout various industries, working to support positive growth within businesses and organizations through marketing and creative content development. In 2019, Sam began exploring new creative outlets, as writing became more work then pleasure and was encouraged to give painting a try. Sam was fortunate to connect with local artist, Grace Howl, who took her on as an apprentice for 6 months. Grace instructed her on application, complimentary color theory, crafting in medium and so much more. Since then Sam has been actively selling work through her website, various social media platforms and in her studio in Sarasota.

Sam is a proud member of S/ART/Q Artist Collective, Sarasota Studio Artists Association and the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County.

Artist Statement: 

"I like to describe myself as a kinetic artist, exploring the movements of feelings and moments one experiences in this life through paint. Strong in complementary color theory, high in contrast and seeking a heavy emotional response, I work to break down forms through intentional application, sculpting my work on canvas. Influenced by cubism, impressionism and artists from the postmodern era such as Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler, my work is abstract, emotional and full of all the colors."